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Adventures on the Ranch
My First Buck - a 5 point!!
-----Yes, hunting season has been over now for several months but since I haven't told you about my first buck - ever - I have to do it now.
----- Most days we went hunting for deer we were chasing an awesome 5 point white tail deer around - he has the most pretty little basket. BUT he didn't get that big by accident and though we saw him several times he always ghosted us before we could get a clean shot on him, and I don't care how awesome his horns are it had to be a clean shot. So, he always managed to get away. Finally, the second to last day of hunting season I was starting to get worried about getting any buck ! forget that white tail - he can live another year! I want to fill both my tags my first year! So, we decided to head to some new hunting ground.......we did chores a little early that afternoon and headed out to our "new grounds". (sorry the location must be kept private!) Like they say when someone asks you where did you get that buck - the answer is right there in the shoulder. No No, I mean WHERE did you find him. Your answer: up on none of your business ridge by no body knows creek. Actually, I don't care however; my hunting buddies wouldn't like me too much so I will leave it at that. Ok, back to the hunt....
-----So we headed out, parked the truck and headed up our first hill. It was a little late in the day - about 4:00 so we didn't have much hunting time left which didn't ease my mind any either. But we topped the little ridge and right there was a GREAT 5 POINT mule deer buck - just standing there staring at us. He was next to several big boulders and I guess he thought he was hidden - but 2 seconds later we let him know how unhidden he was.
-----My friend and I had just gotten new rifles.....which we thought were sited in good enough before we headed out - but they weren't. So the first shot missed the buck clean. OH NO! but he just stood there a second to long and bang - second shot got him clean. YES YES YES, my first buck was a 5 point. WHOOOO HOOO!
-----We took the rifles out back and did target shooting with them again the next day and it was a miracle we got that buck at all. The sight must have gotten bumped on the truck ride or something - because it was so far out of "sight" it wasn't even funny. So it was a miracle - and just meant to be - that we got him!
-----Anyway, back to the hunt - we got him cleaned up and loaded into the truck and headed back home. By the time we got home it was dark, but what a day it was. I couldn't be happier with my first year of hunting - I filled both deer tags and had tons of fun hunting.
-----This coming year I am going to take my bow-hunting test and get my license in that so I can go bow hunting for elk. That will be fun..... elk hunting during bow season is the most fun because you have to call them into you with cow calls and bugles. You're just so much a part of nature, the peace and quiet all except for listening to the elk.
----- My mom and dad used to do taxidermy for a living - so she is very good and really knows what she is doing. So, she is teaching my friend Andy and I - how to do it. It is a lot of fun - challenging - but fun. We just got done mounting my 5-point and I must say I think he turned out really well for one of our first mounts. There are so many parts to taxidermy that most people don't even realize unless you do it, so many things to do to get the cape ready even before you go to actually mount it. It is such a great thing to do in the winter when it's to cold and nasty to do much outside, not to mention I get such a feeling of accomplishment when it's done. You took this thing from being a hide and made it look life like - awesome! We are going to get into taxidermy even more than just deer heads and do birds, life size bear and rugs, coyotes, fox, rabbits, squirrels, etc. - but just for fun and just for our own personal mounts.
-----Well, it looks like it's time to head into town for an agility practice with the club so I will bring this to a close.
-----Till Next Time,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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