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V-A Remo vom Fichtenschlag SchH III



Yello is a truly exceptional look alike son of the 2011 AND 2012 World Sieger VA Remo vom Fichtenschlag SchH III out of a top SchH titled FH titled female who is by another Sieger! Yello is a very masculine male yet extremely good with the family and loves the kids letting both my young kids do anything to him. Imported from Germany he was in the crate for about 22 hours before arriving here and he came out of the crate excited to see us as if he has been here his whole life. A very confident dog and very sure of himself. He loves to play but is a very serious worker, he is currently in training for both IPO and Agility. We feel very fortunate to be able to own one of the few Remo sons in the States ! We are really looking forward to his babies! "A stamped" with the best hip and elbow rating you can get.


Yello's Pedigree



"Below are Retired studs"




V Bastian vom Real Favorita SchH II


DAX is an exceptional son of the great V Bastian vom Real Favorita SchH II who is by the Double West German World Sieger VA Vegas du Haut Mansard SchH III. Who is by Pakros another West German World Sieger by Bax ANOTHER West German World Sieger. There are more World Siegers and VA SchH III dogs in Dax's pedigree than I have seen in a really long time!

Dax himself is an exceptional dog, A stamped with the best hip rating you can get, he is a super family dog! He is titled in agility and also loves IPO work. He is a gentle giant, letting young kids crawl all over him - but is 100% serious when it comes to working!

We feel very lucky to own such an outstanding Bastian son and we are excited to have him be a part of our family and look forward to his outstanding puppies!

Dax's Pedigree Below






"Rhett"(Ulk von der Nixenschlucht MX MXJ)


V-A Bax von der Lusisentrasse SchH III


Ulk von der Nixenschlucht - whom we call RHETT is an exceptional son of the great 2003 World Sieger - V-A Bax von der Luisentrasse SchH III out of a top show rated german female. Rhett has top conformation and working ability as well as being a great family dog that loves kids. In just 4 short months after starting agility training he is already competeing in the excellent level ! He has a great disposition - ready to go work when it's time but perfectly content to take a nap on the couch - and eat cheetos! And while competeing he often becomes the center of attention in the grandstands with young kids coming all around to pat him...... which he loves! Most people say "We have one of Baxes best sons right here" - a compliment we don't take lightly! We are proud to own such an outstanding Bax son!

"Rhett's" Pedigree Below





V Gonzalez von Tronje SchH III

LUKE is an outstanding look alike son of the great V Gonzalez von Tronje out of a top female by the 2000 World Sieger. Luke has an excellent disposition with great drive and enthusiam to do whatever he is asked! He is also a top family dog - he has an excellent balance between being friendly yet protective when needed. He has top conformation and is currently in schutzhund training to be titled in the near future. Luke is a very large - big boned male with a disposition plus ! We look forward to many Luke pups and we feel very lucky to own such an outstanding son of Gonzalez ! Be sure to watch for Gonzalez and his pups at the big shows.

Luke's Pedigree Below




V-A Ursus von Batu SchH III

Gunther is a son of the great V-A Ursus von Batu SchH 3- the 2000 West German World Sieger - Ursus is known for passing on his great working drive and conformation. His dam Quiz von Olympus is an excellent V rated Schutzhund 3 female who is a granddaughter of the 92 World Sieger V-A Zamb von der Wienerau, SchH 3. .We feel very fortunate to own one of Ursus's outstanding sons. A half brother to Gunther is the 2001 and 2002 World Sieger and Gunthers full brother has been consistently winning his classes. Gunthers got it all - looks, intelligence, disposition, and size !


***** Gunther is currently enjoying his "Retired" life and we continue to enjoy his outstanding daughters in our breeding program. ******



"Gone but not Forgotten"

The great foundation males of our breeding program




V-A Ulk vom Arlett, SchH 3

UZI is by the great '95 World Sieger, V-A Ulk vom Arlett, SchH 3 and out of the Top v-rated and titled bitch V Tampa vom Bierstadter Hof SchH I, who in turn is by '92 World Sieger V-A Zamb von der Wienerau, SchH 3. UZI is an outstanding working dog with pronounced courage (top in trial his first time out!!!) And he is definitely an Ulk Son! with that great show ring conformation and presence. He is proving himself as an excellent pre-potent sire - that consistently passes on his own outstanding qualities. We have several of his daughters in training, all showing his drive, courage, enthusiasm and intelligence. UZI is sound in all respects and is also schutzhund titled.

Sadly, Uzi is no longer with us but he lives on in our breeding program and our lives as the sire of many of our breeding females.




V-A Lasso Von Neuen Berg SchH 3

NINJA is an outstanding son of '97 World Sieger and '97 & '98 USA Sieger, V-A Lasso vom Neuen Berg SchH 3. Lasso is one of the truly great individuals within the breed! and we feel proud and fortunate to own one of his really outstanding "look-alike" sons, out of the great working, v-rated, titled bitch, VA Molli vom Wiesenborn SchH 3, 1999 Canadian Siegerin she is a V-A Fanto vom Hirschel SchH 3 granddaughter. Ninja has a great mind, tremendous enthusiasm for everything he is asked to do, he has pronounced courage and drive. Ninja has excellent conformation and is sound in all respects.




V-A Iso vom Bergmanshof SchH3

JASON is an exceptional individual and a top producing son of '89 West German Sieger, V-A Iso vom Bergmanshof SchH 3, FH, and out of a top v-rated and titled granddaughter of Sieger, V-A Uran vom Wildsteiger Land SchH 3, FH. Jason consistently produces pups of outstanding quality. He has great conformation and a commanding presence. And he has personality plus! The perfect family and companion dog with a consistently great attitude! At nine years young, Jason is more active than most 3 year olds! and he is still a strong breeding stud! Jason is sound in all respects with excellent hips and elbows, and is schutzhund titled. He is the sire of many of our outstanding breeding females and always passes on his extraordinary attributes with amazing consistency.

Even though Jason is no longer with us - he lives on as the great foundation to many of our breeing females.


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