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All dogs purchased from Omega Shepherds in 2014 come with a written

100% satisfaction guarantee!!

We are one of the few breeders able to do this because we are so confident in our dogs and our breeding program.


"...from our family to yours"




......Our breeding program emphasizes the BALANCED DOG. Show appearance with excellent conformation, outstanding temperament, and top working abilities for family protection, entertainers protection dogs, schutzhund, agility, search and rescue, police work, drug and bomb detection and outstanding family dogs.
We select only the very best West German Show and Schutzhund lines for our breeding program. Our studs are all sons of West German World Siegers (the top German Shepherd in the world in both conformation and working ability!) or other top German dogs. All our females are of top West German Show and Schutzhund lines. I have pedigrees and more information on there bloodlines if you check out the Stud Dogs and Foundation Females pages. Since our dogs are first and foremost family members, stability and outstanding temperament is very important to us, as well as a consistent look in build and conformation.



......We are with the mothers when they whelp, there through the whole birth. My 2 young kids get to sit with them while they are just being born. Our mothers have exceptional temperaments – letting us and the kids handle the pups in the middle of whelping! In fact the mothers seem to relax and enjoy the extra support and love during this time. One of the first things our pups see is us. They know human attention and touch as much as they know their own mom. Because we spend so much time with our pups we know each of them as an individual. We know their personality, temperament and working potential and they are constantly evaluated. No 2 pups are ever exactly the same - and no two people are - because of the amount of time we spend with our pups we can pick the pup that is going to best suit you, your family and what you want to do with them.



......We have been breeding, raising and training German Shepherds for 40 years. We specialize in well balanced dogs that are beautiful but still top working dogs. They can be a part of your family as well as compete in conformation, IPO, agility, etc. First and foremost they are excellent family companion and protection dogs. We use the dogs we raise, they are a member of our family and then go out on the weekends and compete - consistently winning or being in the top. THAT has to speak for itself. When we aren't at agility trials then we are out going for a hike in the woods, trail rides, playing in the pool or doing something else fun!



......We are located in the beautiful Helena valley with grassy fields for the dogs to play in with trees and lots of room. . Our property adjoins state land so we can also go for hikes, walks, trail rides, dog sled, atv runs, etc just out our back door ! While our breeding program ensures show quality, our principal emphasis is on individuals best suited for family protection and personal security work. While many of our dogs are titled we do not emphasize schutzhund competition or extremely specialized show lines per se, rather we emphasize a specialized breeding program and training procedures for developing excellent personal and family protection dogs. Our dogs are "situation trained" to prepare for every imaginable real life circumstance, while we maintain the trusting and dependable attitude of the perfect companion and family dog.
We train our dogs in tracking, obedience, protection, practical protection (building searches, etc), agility and trick dogs, and they are used for entertainers protection dogs, search and rescue, therapy dogs, service dogs, seeing eye dogs, police partners, bomb and drug detection dogs, estate security dogs, etc.
.... Most people like getting an 8 week old puppy! But for those who don't have the time or ability to raise a little puppy I also have an unusual training program just for you. I can keep a puppy for you and do there training. House break them (as they live in the house with us), they go to town with us every chance we get so they are used to riding in a vehicle, and a minimum of on lead obedience but can take them to any level of training you want.

......Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out the pictures below and the rest of the site! Be sure to check out our Video Page for lots of videos of our dogs and puppies that is always being updated!











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