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Adventures on the Ranch
New Kennel Facility and a Busy Spring !
----WOW! It's been a LONG time since I have updated this page and SOOO much has happened!
We are completely rebuilding our kennel facility. This has been in the “works” for quite some time but it's finally coming together. We are building 3 separate covered areas for them, we are done with 2 of them and have the posts and frame up for the third. Today we are putting trusses up, and tomorrow the ply wood goes on the top of it. Then Saturday and Sunday we are putting shingles on all 3 of them and we will really be done and able to enjoy them! The dogs already really like them. It seems like it would be a rather simple project but I guess no building project is simple – and it's been completely time consuming! But fun at the same time and nice to be at the point we are at. So between building that – and going to horse shows and agility trials it's been a busy spring!
-----The end of April I went to the first agility trial of the year and what a weekend it was. It was the same clubs trial that was my very first trial EVER last year – so it was really fun coming back this year and already being in excellent with Rhett. Rhett just shined – he qualified and won every class except one – and that was my fault (I was so focused on him making it over the triple jump and forgot how close the weave poles were and ended up getting in his way for the entrance – he just paused for a minute for me to get out of his way – but that pause was called a fault and he didn't qualify because of that – man was I mad at myself! ) BUT he qualified in all the other classes and also got 2 titles – so he is in Excellent Standard And Excellent Jumpers. I am so proud of him :) We are both loving it and working as such a great team – I just about think where he should go and he does it – awesome dog – awesome awesome dog!
-----It was Zeus's debut and he did excellent as well qualifying and winning 3 out of 4 classes! I don't have any “first trial” mishap stories to tell though – he was a very good boy and just got out there and did his job as if he had been going to trials for months.
-----Then the middle of May I went to the first horse show of the year – over in Lewistown, MT. TD had still been with the trainers in Billings so they hauled him to the show for me and I showed him in both open and amature halter and he won all 6 classes and was Grand Champion everyday as well. Not bad for my first time showing him! I hauled him home from the show and he has been here since. I have been riding him and even though he has only had a few months of riding he is doing very well. The trainer he was with in Billings is also an AQHA judge and he said there is no doubt he will be able to get performance points and an AQHA Championship! YES!! We are trying to get our buildings done soon and then I am going to take him to a BIG show in Kalispell and try to pick up some more points. He is the most amazing stallion to show – it's easy to forget he is a stallion and I would just walk up to people with horses and start talking to them and he just stands there – with just a regular halter and rope – not even a chain (this is almost unheard of with a 3 year old stallion!).
-----In Lewistown I was standing outside the arena waiting for my class and someone came out of the arena with a horse and TD nickered at it, just a little nicker, a “Hello, How are you” and that was all. The lady with the horse turned around and asked “Is that a stud!”...... I said yes. Well, she was very impressed with him because the horse she has was a mare in heat !!!! And all TD did was say a little hello!! I was impressed with that as well. Here at home he NEVER whinnies to the horses – the only time he whinnies is to me when I walk in to see him – he only talks to me.....HA! Guess I feel special!!
-----Then the beginning of June I went to another agility trial and both dogs qualified and won a couple classes. Zeus got his first title in Novice Standard!! It was at the softball complex in Bozeman and it rained every night we were there so in the morning the grass was very wet and slippery. My dogs or I never fell but a lot of peoples dogs did. When the footing is slippery I just take my time and make the dogs go slower – it's not worth pushing it and having anyone get hurt. I know they will give me 100% and push as hard as I ask – so if there is anything that is not quite right I ask them to back off a bit. They know – and they both did very well considering the conditions. Friday night after the trial was over we went to a sprint car race – it was the first one I had ever been to...... it was interesting – loud – but interesting. Dogs aren't supposed to be in there but there was NO way I was leaving them anywhere – they go where I go. Period. So we went over to the “pit” entrance and Andy and his friends know people in there and they told them I would keep the dogs on lead. Anyway after a bit of talk we got in with them. They didn't really seem bothered by any of it, even though it was very loud they both watched the race for awhile – then fell asleep at my feet. Finally, the races were almost over and I was getting cold and Brooke (my friend came to visit and was there with us) was getting tired so I told Andy I was heading back to the truck. Brooke and I were alone but with 2 German Shepherds I wasn't worried! It was dark and we had to walk along the top of a hill – you couldn't see off the side of it. Rhett kept pulling to get between Brooke and me and the side of the hill. I couldn't see anything and couldn't figure out why he kept pulling me. Pretty soon I heard a guy talking on the side of the hill just down from us...... and boy was I glad to have those 2 dogs! Rhett knew he was there way before I did and was insistent on getting between us. The guy was probably drunk – but in any case I didn't care to stick around and see. We kept going and got in the truck. We finally got back to the trailer at about 12:30 – I fed the dogs and went to bed! I had to get up at 6:30 and that was going to come way to soon! It rained a lot that night and I love the sound of rain on the trailer, it's so peaceful.
-----Well, I think those are the main highlights of the spring.
-----Till Next Time,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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