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Adventures on the Ranch
Mr TD Kid
AQHA World Champion Halter Horse by Touchdown Kid !
-----I have exciting news everyone! but first...... you must ready through the boring details leading up to the exciting news!
----- Last summer at one of the Hamilton, Motana Quarter Horses shows Don Falcon pulled up real late Thursday evening (the show was Friday-Sunday). Don Falcon is one of those people when he pulls in everyone has to look - but pretend they aren't looking - if you know what I mean. He has been involved with breeding and showing some of the best Quarter Horses in the Halter industry for years. Between him and his daughter they have shown numerous horses to be AQHA world champions, reserve world champions and many other awards. So when he pulls into a show people want to sneak a peak at what he has in the trailer.
-----I took my peak - and immediately fell in love with one of the horses, they were still in the trailer and I didn't know anything about this horse except he caught my eye. And that is not something that happens to me very often. I am not one of those people that fall in love with every horse they see - no they have to have that certain something - I don't even know what it is but I know it when I see an animal with it. And he had it. Well, anyway it was late and I was tired from getting my 2 horses ready to show and I still had to walk Gretta and 2 of the pups that I brought along to this show. So I stopped gaucking and got back to work.
----- The next morning - I passed Don as he was leading that horse towards the show arena and I said "Do you want to sell him" - knowing full well even IF he would sell him - I couldn't afford him! But I just HAD to ask! Don said "Nope, not today". He lead him into the ring and all I remember was hearing and 1st place goes to Mr TD Kid shown by Don Falcon. That's all I knew about that horse - but I really wanted him. Crazy I know. I forgot about it for the rest of the show as I had plenty to keep me busy with 2 horses and 3 dogs!
-----On the long drive home I couldn't stop thinking about "TD" though - I really wanted him. I really wanted to show him! But I knew there was just no way.
-----This is the first time something like that has happened - like I said I am not one of those people that just fall in love with every pretty horse. This horse had something. This horse was different. But after that I got him out of my mind - went on with life.
-----That was about 6 months ago and I hadn't even thought about him anymore. My mom and I were heading into town and we just got the new Quarter Horse Journal so I was thumbing through it as I always do. There was a mare for sale for $65,000 bred to a world champion and she is the dam of 2 world champions. I was just reading the ad to my mom because the price was - hum..... high! I kept reading the ad and it said Mr TD Kid - 2003 stallion for sale - AQHA world champion Halter Horse. WOW! Then I noticed it was Don Falcons ad. I told my mom what I thought of that horse and how he struck me at the show, which I hadn't told her before because he wasn't for sale.
-----I didn't really think I should call on him though because I was afraid I might actually buy him - and he had to be very expensive - being a world champion.... even though I didn't know the price yet.
-----When we got home my mom encouraged me to call on him and I got off the phone saying " I knew I shouldn't have called!". It was kind of a joke though because I have been wanting to show a stallion - in halter. But TD looks like he will also be able to show in performance events like Western Pleasure and Trail, and maybe showmanship. So I was looking for a stallion - just didn't really expect to get one like him.
-----As fate would have it - I am getting that horse I fell in love with at that little Hamilton, Montana AQHA show.
----- Don Falcon lives in Texas and that is where TD was so I got a video of him and everything looked great. The haulers picked him up last week and he arrived in Billings, MT on Wednesday. Because he was down in Texas he has a super short coat and has to be in a heated barn (because it's the middle of winter - with snow and cold) so he is in Billings at Scott Neumans place. Scott Neuman is one of the top showman and trainers in the state as well as being an AQHA judge - so I know TD will get the utmost in care until he can be here with us! He will be in a heated barn as well as beginning his training in western pleasure.
-----I don't plan to breed him for awhile - I really want to show him and maybe get an AQHA performance championship on him, qualify him for the world again and just have fun showing him!
-----Scott Neuman is about 250 miles away so unfortunately we can't go and see him very often but my mom and I drove over there one day and it was so much fun! He was everything I remember except better because now I owned him! He was just awesome – and so well behaved around all the other horses. I can't wait to get him here – but shows start up pretty soon and the weather should be warm enough by then that he won't have to be in a heated barn.
----Well, that's about all for now.
----Till Next Time,
----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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