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Adventures on the Ranch
Agility Championships -- HERE WE COME !
-----Boy, it's been a long time since I have updated this page. The quest to qualify for the NADAC Nationals with Rhett and Zeus has kept me on the road! BUT I am excited to announce we DID IT! So NADAC Nationals here we come.
-----Both the dogs and my first NADAC trial was the end of November last year. I knew nothing about NADAC trials – 8 months ago if you would have asked me what “Tunnelers” was or “Weavers” or “Touch N Go” I would have said I have no idea! But true to my style knowing nothing about it I entered my first trial – not so sure I would like all these strange sounding classes but thought we would give it a shot. All my friends did it – they said they loved it. Hum..... well I was hooked after my first trial and haven't missed a trial in the state since then. Which was almost every other weekend. Our first trials were freezing cold – sometimes 10-20 below 0 F ! Our last few trials it was 100 F .... but with lots of cold water and TLC the dogs ran great.
-----I am looking forward to heading down to Wyoming this fall and running the dogs with the “big wigs”. It will be a fun experience anyway – get to see all the judges run their dogs. The founder of the association and her daughter and son will run their dogs. I am sure I will learn a lot as well as have fun! So now we will hit a few more trials and try to finish up there Superiors in all the classes but the pressure is off – we made the time limit!
-----Other than that – there is still everyone here (dogs and horses) that needs training. So when I am home I am super busy. I kept a Rhett/Tess female that is about 5 months old now – Kira. After loosing “my Kira” 2 years ago I knew it would take a VERY special dog to ever call Kira again. Even though she was going on 15 years old – she was my buddy – my constant companion right to the very end. Then this little girl came along and from the moment she was born she was different. She has an “air” about her. She kept this as she got older and at 3 weeks was the first to get out of the whelping box – a trick she would do every time she even heard my voice. I just loved her. So it was an easy decision to keep her and the name just fit. I think she will be an awesome agility dog in the future – but she is so much like her name sake. She follows me every where and even though she is just 5 months acts like a mature dog. I have taken her to several trials to let her get used to being away over night and just the whole trial atmosphere. She handled it like a pro.
-----My mom has been working with Stetson in agility a lot. He is doing so well – he is only 8 months old but has more agility focus that many adult dogs. He just LOVES it. He already has solid weaves and solid contacts. He won't be old enough to compete til next spring but we are both looking forward to his debut – he should be awesome.
-----My fiance has “dreamed” of bull riding since about the time he could walk. Well, his Birthday present this year was everything he needed to bull ride and he rode his first bull several weekends ago at the East Helena Rodeo. He has NEVER been on a bull before or even practiced. We arrived at the rodeo several hours before bull riding started because he had to find someone to borrow a rope from as his didn't arrive in time. He got “hooked up” with a man that has been riding bulls for 15 years and spent the whole evening with him. He borrowed his rope and learned a lot from him – however – nothing can really prepare you for bull riding – other than – riding! I was supposed to video tape his ride but I was so nervous I couldn't keep the camera still! But I braced myself against the fence and got a great video of his first ride. Of all the bulls there – there were 2 NRA FINALS BULLS! Of course Andy drew one of those but did an awesome job and rode him for 5.6 seconds. Not bad for his first ride ever plus on a bull like that! So now we are hitting rodeos every weekend the rest of this month. Luckily – the 2 agility trials I am going to are in the same town as rodeos he is going to ride, so I will run dogs all day and then we will go to the rodeo in the evening.
-----Congratulations Andy ! And thanks mom for taking care of all the “babies” at home while we are on the road – you're the best!
-----Till Next Time,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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