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Adventures on the Ranch

.......I miss updating this page as often as I used to! It just seems I don't have a lot of time to actually sit down and write without someone needing my attention! That's alright I love the fact that I spend all my time with my babies – both 2 legged and 4 legged! It is so much fun to see both of my kids growing up with the dogs, playing with the puppies and growing up in the great environment I did. All of the dogs and puppies just adore the kids, – well lets just say they are going to their new homes “kid approved!”.
..... I hope everyone has been enjoying the videos. This winter I hope to get some more of our adults dogs online as well, so keep checking the Online Videos page.
..... It was a very busy summer, I still went to quite a few agility trials and Rhett is doing so awesome getting his Masters Agility Title in AKC!! Congratulations Rhett! He is coming up on 7 years old here in a few weeks and still running like a 2 year old! I will get a video of his Masters run online so be sure to check that out on the Online Videos page.
.....Stetson my papillon male got his Natch and Versatility Natch in July and we went to championships in Gillette, WY where we made finals! My goal was to make finals, so I was thrilled – not bad considering I ended up getting the flu the second day (at first I thought it was food poisoning – but then the last day we were there Clint came down with the same thing) I was so sick that after the preliminary walking of the courses (where you walk it without the dog so that the handler knows where to direct the dog to go when actually running it), I went back to the trailer to lay down and had my friend call me when I needed to go over and run. I could have let her run him (she had her own dog entered there but we run different heights) – but that would have taken us out of the finals because it is ONE handler for over all scores. So I was determined to make it!
.....I had another friend come along with me and she watched the kids when I was walking and running. Of course I took Clint who was 2 years old and Heather who was 9 months......they were the youngest people there for sure! Overall it was fun and I am glad I the time I was thinking “What did I get myself into!” but like most things once I got over being sick and Clint got better the overall picture looked much better than it seemed at the time!
.....At the Halloween Trial they had a costume contest which was a blast! Heather and I went as fairy princesses and we were supposed to dress Shelby our little papillon female up and I was going to carry her in one arm and Heather in the other but we ran out of time and the judging started so we didn't get Shelby ready. Clint and my mom took Zeus – we dressed Clint up as an engineer and Zeus up as Thomas the train (Clint is a HUGE Thomas fan). Zeus went right along in the parade following Clint along. It was SO much fun and Zeus is such a good sport........AND we won the Best Crating Area!
.....Well, I am going to bring this to a close for now. Remember keep checking the videos page and I will try to get back to updating this page more often!

.....Happy Holidays!
.....Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds
Below are some fun photos
Rhett & Heather at about 6 months!
ARF Agility Trial where Zeus was "Thomas the Train" and we won best crating area!
Zeus patiently waits while his little engineer (Clint) decides the contest is over and the costume is coming off!
Best Crating Area !

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