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Adventures on the Ranch
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
.....Hello !
.....It was a very busy summer as always!
..... It started out awesome in April at our first AKC trial Rhett got his Master Jumpers Title! So now he has both his AKC Master Titles! It was so much fun. He had a 100% Qualifying rate that weekend AND made the Great Falls Tribune (news paper) front page!!
..... I am very excited about Dax – he is coming along so well in Agility and I am going to start competing him this winter and I have really high hopes for him. Rhett has laid down some very big foot steps for him to follow in but he seems to be ready for the challenge!
.....This summer the kids and I went to quite a few agility trials around Montana, Idaho and Washington. We also qualified for the NADAC Championships which were held in Spingfield, Illinois! It was a 1600 mile drive but my friend and I decided we were up for it and went! Clint (a little over 3) and Heather (21 months old) came with us and were true champs! It was a 3 day drive out, 6 days there and a 3 day drive back home! Many people thought I was crazy to take them on such a long journey PLUS run a dog at the nationals! Before the trip I questioned my own sanity! But they were so amazingly awesome – I would do it again tomorrow! Stetson was 2nd place overall for 12” ! He also won High Point Montana Dog and High Point Toy Breed! There were a LOT of dogs from Montana there so being high point really says something! My mom stayed home and took care of all the babies at home. Thanks to my mom !
.....In June we went to a huge 4 day trial close to Idaho Falls. Another friend went with me with her young toddler. I took the travel trailer and the wind going down there was SOO bad we were only getting about 5 miles to the gallon versus the normal being between 10-15 miles with the trailer. I got out to get fuel and it literally blew my hat off and I went chasing it across the parking lot! But we got down there – luckily we left the day before the trial started. A couple I know from trials – who also runs German Shepherds came up to me and said “Ah – did you know your roof is coming off”. WHAT !!!!! Yep, sure enough the rubber roof lining was coming off. Grrr....... They saw it on the interstate and it bubbled and then started to loosen.
..... It was so windy I was not getting on the roof – if the rest of the rubber loosed I would come off with it like a kite. The next morning I got a “trailer repair” place to come out and they did a temporary fix so that it wouldn't leak when it rained (which was predicted) and it would get me back home where it could be completely replaced.
..... Despite a “windy” start..... it was an awesome weekend getting 4 Excellent Jumpers Q 's (out of 4 runs!) and 2 Standard Q's (out of 4 runs!). An AKC rep. Was there and was talking about the AKC Nationals being in Reno this coming March. Well that got my wheels turning – and thinking about going! We needed 4 more Double Q's and about 200 some odd points more after this weekend. But this was his first trial in Excellent B (the class where they get the qualifying double Q's) – hum....... so it was on! Reno was close enough and we were “rockin” and we were going to try to qualify!
..... Which led me to several more AKC trials with our last one being in Spokane, WA. I had never been to a trial there but needed one more double Q and this was our last real chance before changing gears to NADAC agility Championships. It was in August. We DID get our final double Q and qualified for the AKC Nationals. However, it was the most miserably hot weekend. The temperatures were 100 + and it was an outside trial so we were running in the sun. I did have the travel trailer but it was all the AC could do to keep it comfortably warm.....not cool. I kept neck coolers on the kids and we all took turns soaking each other with water bottles. Oh well, we got our Double Q and survived the heat.
.....Here we come Reno (in March 2012) for the AKC Nationals!!
......I made a vacation out of most of the trials for the kids – so we also went to the Billings Zoo, Idaho Falls Zoo, Reptile Gardens (in South Dakota), And of course we went to several Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops.
..... Well, I should bring this to a close.
..... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
..... Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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