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Adventures on the Ranch
We Moved!
.....Yes, it's true. We sold our beautiful ranch out of Clancy and have moved a little closer to town. We have a beautiful place in the Helena Valley and feel very fortunate to have found this place. It is right against State Land – so we can still go hiking, dog sledding, 4 wheeling and trail riding with the dogs! But we are much closer to town and don't have 2 miles of private drive (yeah no more snow plowing at 4 AM!). The “Clancy” place was just getting to be a lot for my mom and I with the 2 young kids plus all our 4 legged “kids”..... so we made the move!
.....It sold this summer and we feel fortunate to be friends with the people that bought it – and they love it as much as we do.
.....Our new place has a ton of beautiful trees as well as nice grassy pastures both for the dogs to play in as well as grazing for the horses. We can walk out our drive and right into the hills so we can continue our hikes with the dogs.
.....We are in the process of getting a new training facility built and we are really looking forward to that as right now we are “roughing” it by training in the weather.
.....It also makes it easier for us to attend the agility clubs practices, rally and obedience practices, and I want to get into therapy. Since we don't have a 1 hour drive (one way) to town it will allow us to easily keep involved with all the activities we enjoy AND of course for the kids as they get a little older to easily participate in sports and other “school” events.
......Just a quick update. I will post pictures of our new place as I get them!
.....Till Next Time,
.....Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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