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Adventures on the Ranch
Puppies Hike and September Snow !
-----One of my favorite things to do everyday is take the pups out for a hike. I head out behind our house with them where there are a couple little meadows and lots of trees and things for them to explore. Not only does this provide exercise for them and fun for us all, I temperament test them in natural circumstances during this time as well. Almost all our pups are very bold and go for it following me everywhere I go but there is usually one that is first, one that is most into me, one that is most into tracking (not sure what, but they follow their nose everywhere!), one might be more into the other pups, etc.
-----I just came back from my morning walk with Natalie's pups. They are just 6 weeks old so they can't go for a long walk yet but they love to go! I headed down the path like normal - 5 babies running along behind. They checked out their usual trees, stumps, grass and pinecones. Today I took them a little farther than normal and found a nice place to sit down with them and they all climbed in my lap. While I was sitting there I saw a squirrel getting all ready for winter. He ran as fast as he could with his pinecones - back and forth. He has a huge mound of the shells that he took off the "nuts" so it looks like he is more than ready for winter. Before long though he noticed us sitting there and climbed up into his tree and started yakking at us. With that insistent noise it was hard to enjoy nature so I headed back with the pups and they are all taking a nap right now. Three are curled up on my feet and two are laying just to the right of my chair - so I figured I would take this time to write an article before they wake up!!
-----We had our first snowstorm about a week ago - 6 inches. It has all melted but the aspen and cotton wood trees have big leaves on them so the weight of the snow just pulled a lot of them to the ground. Normally after the snow melts off they come back up but with the drought some of them are so weak that they just break off. So we have spent a lot of time this past week cleaning the place up, cutting the bigger trees for firewood and hauling the rest of the limbs and junk to a big pile.
-----The last couple days the weather has been beautiful - about 75 during the day and 40 in the morning. The mornings are a little cool but with a jacket it's not bad. I just love this time of year - warm days and cool evenings. On the second level of our house we have a porch that comes out - kind of like a balcony without a rail though. Every night I sit out there and listen to the elk bugle. And the coyotes have been real active this past week too - you can't get closer to nature than sitting on your front porch and hear elk and coyotes! Our wild but sort of tame deer herd has been around every evening as well. They come and graze just a few feet away from the house. Last night because the moon was so bright I could really see them. There are about 10 deer that hang around close but I couldn't see most of them, just heard them munching. I could see the twin fawns and they came up to their mom and wanted to play with her. She got very upset and struck at them with her front feet - basically saying leave me alone! She seems to know it is time for them to get serious and get ready for winter too. They trotted off a short way and stood there - sort of looked like they were pouting!
-----But it is times like these that I am reminded how lucky I am to live so close to nature with two of the worlds best animals - German Shepherds and Quarter Horses!
---- OH! The puppies are waking up and I suspect they will need to go out. Gotta run!
-----Till Next Time!
---- Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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