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Adventures on the Ranch

-----I have "invented" a new way of exercising the dogs as well as having fun..... dog biking! I like to ride my bike - especially down to the mail box because it's 2 miles - almost all downhill - through the woods. The only problem with biking downhill is the LONG 2 mile ride back UP the hill. So, I rigged up a little set up using some of my dog sledding equipment on the front of my bike so that the dogs can help pull me back up hill!
-----This morning I rode down to the mail box and let Tess, Cihara and Reba run loose on the way down. When I got to the mailbox I stopped to put their harnesses on and told them sit. Tess saw the harnesses and got so excited she kept lifting her feet up - left then right - left then right - so anxious for me to hurry up and put her harness on (she knows what those harnesses mean from all of the dog sledding she has done)! Once they were on I snapped the lines from the bike onto Tess and Ciharas harness and put them on a sit - stay. I got on my bike and said GO! They took off pulling me effortlessly. It was so fun - WHO HOOO! After a little while I gave them the stop command and got off my bike to throw some rocks off the road. I tossed them over the edge - which is a VERY steep drop off. The first rock Tess noticed rolling down the hill and watched it. Cihara noticed the second rock and looked like she was ready to bolt down the hill - bike and all - to go get that rock. I told her NO - stay, which luckily she did. I threw all the rocks off and got back on my way. Most of the way I actually rode the bike - peddled and helped them so they didn't have to pull to hard since we had a long way to go. Especially on the steep switchbacks - so I still got a really good work out, but they definitely helped a lot by pulling!
-----I stopped several times along the way to let them rest, and to enjoy the beautiful peace and quiet. The only sound was their panting and a hawk making his hunting call.
-----When we went past the arena all the horses came running over to the fence anxious to see what this funny looking new rig was! I just told the dogs "Go on By" and they didn't even look at the horses - staying focused on the job at hand. Though the horses were locked in the pasture and couldn't get to us I was still very pleased that the dogs stayed focused even though the horses were running towards us.
-----I finally arrived back at the house and gave each of the dogs a little massage for doing such a good job! Weather it's dog sledding, biking, ski jouring or anything you do with your dog like that it gives you such a feeling of accomplishment. You're out in the woods - with nothing but your dogs (and sled, bike, etc) and you and the dogs really have to work as a team if you're going to make it back home. Especially dog sledding, when you're out there with 6-8 dogs, you can't really just turn around and walk home. One way or the other you and the dogs have to make it home - and to me being able to work with your dogs as a team just makes the activity that much more special.
-----Well, my mind is turning to "Mush" now as I tune into the Outdoor channel to watch the real dog sledding pros - The Iditarod!
-----Till Next Time,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds
NOTE : Please do not attempt to do this kind biking with your dog - these two dogs I have done this with are trained sled dogs - trained to pull without stopping unless on command so there is little danger of running into them with the bike. In addition I have taken extensive time to train them to stay away from the bike. This is not a safe home activity, without extensive training.

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