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Adventures on the Ranch
-----Last night my mom and I were out with the 4 wheeler with Cihara and Reba hooked to the front of it - kind of like dog sledding with the 4 wheeler. I am just working with those 2 right now - getting them to be very solid leaders before I hook up more dogs. They love it!! They don't pull the 4 wheeler of course! it's way to heavy but I just hook them up and they run along - thinking they are doing an important job. Anyway, we were cruising along - everyone very content. We started going through a windy section of the road where you couldn't see very far ahead and it was in the thick of the forest. All of a sudden Cihara changed from her content "working dog" mode to her alert ears forward - ready to protect mode and I looked ahead, while stopping them. Just through the trees I could see a BIG mother moose and very very young calf - it didn't look like it was even a week old. Mother moose stood there staring at us for what felt like hours! but in reality it was probably a minute or so..... she would look from us to her baby and back and forth. Talk about scary ! Moose are the meanest animals out there - then ad a mother with a new baby and you have real reason to be scared. They are much more dangerous than a bear - bears would just as soon run away as long as your not threatening them - but a moose would just as soon attack. They literally tree people, attack dogs and other animals and have even been known to charge vehicles. They are nothing to mess with.
----- Cihara and Reba seemed to sense now was not the time to "impress" mother moose and quietly stood there - very intense and ready to protect - but did not bark at it or do anything to provoke the moose to come after us. Which is amazing to me - I didn't tell them to be quiet or stay - they just knew what to do!!
-----After several intense moments - wondering if mother moose would charge us or run the other way - she did take off up the hill with her clumsy baby following along. The way the baby ran it looked very new - not very handy on it's feet yet. Needless to say - my mom and I also called it a night and turned the dogs around and headed home.
-----It's always a treat to get to see wildlife - especially a moose and calf - but I would much rather come across them while I was in a vehicle and NOT practically on foot with 2 dogs.
-----But it worked out ok! and that's "Life on a Montana Ranch"!
-----Till Next Time,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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