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Adventures on the Ranch
A loving dad, real cowboy and a true friend
~You Will Be Forever Missed ~
-----Hello everyone. This is not a fun adventure - in fact it's not an adventure at all....... it is with a heavy heavy heart I must write the sad news of my dad passing away. He struggled - with more strength than most could imagine - against cancer for the last several months. Through surgery and chemo - he tried everything. His spirits were always high - he never frowned, cried or let on the extreme pain he was going through. My mom and I find peace only in knowing he is no longer in pain and is with us in spirit. It's an extremely difficult time for us right now - but I thank god we have the dogs and horses! They are our babies and are there for us every day. They too know something is wrong and are extra quiet and cuddly. Most of them just seem to want to get a little closer - climb in our laps a little more. Gunther especially always looks sad and is so much more protective of us. If he hears any noise outside at night he just becomes very protective, barking and running around looking for the trouble.
----- It is amazing how "in tune" animals are. I did all of Uzi's training but through time he became primarily my dad's dog, they went everywhere together. On the day we found out (several months ago) that my dad had cancer and needed surgery I was home alone. I was upstairs with Uzi when all of a sudden he ran to my dad's jacket and started whining - yipping - almost crying. I just knew something was wrong (my dad was at the hospital for tests but we didn't have the diagnosis yet) by the way Uzi was acting. He had never ever done anything like that - minutes later the phone rang and it was my mom calling to tell me that the doctor had just come in to tell them it was cancer. Uzi knew - how he knew when my dad was miles and miles away is amazing. But they are amazing. I will never forget that day. The dogs are our lives and they are the only thing getting us through right now. Often I go sit with our litter of 3 week old puppies because when with them there is no way I can be sad. They are always happy to see me - cuddly, cute and just plain adorable! It is true you can't be sad around a puppy because if they can make me smile at a time like this - they are special! :)
-----For those of you that don't know - we were/are a pretty traditional ranching family. Eat 3 meals a day together and work with animals most of the day. It's a lifestyle I wouldn't trade for anything ! My dad did many things throughout his life but was always deeply within a cowboy - he loved his horses and dogs! He was never much into the whole "show" thing but supported me 110% because he knew I loved it. He would rather go chase a cow than clip every last whisker on the horse's muzzle!
-----He understood animals in a way most people don't and had a rappor with them. He was always fair and firm - never a push over and animals loved and respected him. He was sort of a jack-of-all-trades - he knew how to do many things and I am so thankful that he taught me everything he knew. He was never possessive of things and always wanted everyone to be able to do everything. He taught me to plow the road, use the tractor, use the chain saw, weld, do enough electric and plumbing work to at least fix minor things, standard mechanical things - some car repair and all car maintaince, fence building, as well as everything he knows about horse training. He supported everything my sisters and I wanted to do including the band - he backed us and supported us completely as well as offering actual help from critiquing our rehearsals to helping us get the equipment set up at gigs. There are literally to many things he taught me how to do to list, but most of all he taught me by example - Where there is a will there is a way. Never give up - never say can't. If you really can't do it then find someone who can - but I did find out there is really very little I "can't" do when put to the task. But he was also wonderful because he never "gave" people things they could get for themselves but - he allowed them to get it. An interesting balance that has helped to make me a strong person.
-----He tended to be quiet - a writer as well as horse trainer - but could ALWAYS crack a joke at the most unexpected time. Even in his last days he became one of the most popular patients with the nurses because of his strong will to hang on as well as his sense of humor. After he passed they told us that he was often the talk at the nurses station - what "his latest joke was". He was strong and protective of his family - and would risk his life to save a horse or dog. He was an amazing person and will be deeply missed by all those that really knew him.
-----I just want to thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes and thoughts during this time.
-----As my dad always said" Keep busy - sitting around and getting more depressed about something you can't change won't help - keeping busy is the only thing you can do to not focus on the loss". Thanks dad - thanks for everything.
-----~ Much Love ~
-----Leah, Julie and everyone hairy here at Omega Shepherds

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