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My New Book !
-----Well, as if I don't have enough things to keep me busy - Guess What ! Actually you probably could guess from the picture above - but I just completed my latest project of writing a book. It has been a fun experience putting into words everything I do to get our puppies to the point of being trained Young Adults. It was a concept I had several years ago - I kept saying you know I should write a book. And finally I did! I love training dogs and I really like to see our puppies get a good start so that is what I geared the book towards.
----- Most of the book was done right here - me sitting at this computer and writing (P.S. I HATE editing spelling errors! - the writing was much more fun!) - but when I picked the books up from the printers I did have a fun experience.
-----When we go to town we usually have a dog or two with us and when I went to pick up the books I had one of our 5 month old Young Adults along with me in the car that I had been training, but didn't know if I should bring him into the print shop or not. Anyway I hadn't been in there before because my mom dropped the book off for printing so the people that worked there were coming up and saying ---- Are you Leah - the one who wrote the dog training book! I said " Ah, Yeah" But I was actually a little shocked because I didn't expect anyone to even notice, much less want to meet me! Some of the people there have German Shepherds and from what I heard some of them were reading the book as it was printed! Hum……..
-----Finally someone asked if I had any dogs along with me and I said that I had a 5-month-old pup along. So they told me to go bring him in. One lady was too anxious to wait for me to bring him in so she came out with me. I took him inside and it was so much fun! He was the most perfect mannered puppy - he just sat there next to me while everyone there came around and patted him and ooohed and ahhhed over him. He kept yawning - like "Yes I know I'm beautiful and smart, but does anyone have a biscuit or at least a soft bed I can take a nap in". It's funny as it turns out, he is one of the pups in the book that I took the obedience training pictures of - so they got to see one of the books stars!
-----Once we went to leave to go load the books up, I was loading the books and my mom was holding the pup by the car. A young boy - maybe 6 years old came by and just walked up to him and the puppy just sat there and licked the boy while he patted him!!!
-----This is just a perfect example of our dogs dispositions - but it's always fun to get out there with them and see them interact with people.
----- So, now the book is written and home from the printers and I will have to think up some new project - I will write more training books - an Advanced Obedience and Trick Training probably someday. But honestly I don't think I can handle any more editing right now (I love writing - just not editing the spelling errors !)
-----Many people ask me "How do you do it all" (train dogs, whelp dogs out, socialize and exercise all of them, train and show horses, play music, write books, run the ranch, and everything else I do and write a weekly article (ooops - well it's almost weekly - most of the time). How I do it is - I get up early and go to bed late, and sometimes spend all night up. The animals are my life and my family's life and I couldn't be happier!
-----Till Next Week,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds


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