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Adventures on the Ranch
Ninja saves the day and major damage from a flood!
Hi Everyone!
-----What a day we had yesterday!! It all started when my friend called and I was talking to her and came inside from morning chores while on the portable phone to get warmer. I came in the upstairs door and sat down next to the wood heater. Ninja was upstairs and was frantic from the moment I walked in. He ran up to me and ran to the door by the stairs. (Because the stairs from upstairs to downstairs are very steep - more like a ladder then stairs we have them blocked off with a barrier and a door so young dogs don't fall down them). He stood there for a second and then ran a circle around the wall and ran back to me - looked at me and ran back to the door. I wasn't paying much attention because I was on the phone and just sort of pushed it out of my mind figuring he wanted to go down and "see the girls". Since I was ignoring him he ran back up to me and pushed me good and hard with his nose - ran back to the door and started barking and digging letting me know something was serious downstairs. I jumped up and as soon as I opened the door Ninja charged down, with me right behind him and he ran to our guest bedroom. Right then I saw what was wrong and it WAS serious. Water was coming from under the door into the big room - I opened the door and water was pouring out of the wall!! I yelled for my mom and dad that there's a flood downstairs ! We got the pump turned off right away and the water stopped coming in of course but the room was flooded and it has just started going into the bathroom (which is next door) and into the big room. Much more time and it would have wrecked a lot of the band equipment in the big room - we got it stopped just before reaching anything real important. Thanks to Ninja he saved major damage. The main pipe where the water comes in from the well had broken and just blew a hole through the wall!
-----There was a lot of damage done - and lots of clean up work. Everyone was busy racing around trying to get stuff off the floor in the bedroom when Ninja started whinning by the window. Poor Jewel (my Persian cat) was in that room and she was in the window scared to death of the flood! Ninja just wanted to let me know she was in there. Poor thing - looking at me with those BIG green eyes. She didn't even get wet though - always the smart one she got right to the highest place in the room and hid.
---- Using a shovel and a bucket to get most of the water up we got out 5 gallon bucket after 5 gallon bucket. Then we used our Rainbow vacuum which is a special kind that can suck water up safely to get a lot more water out. It took all morning and half the afternoon to get it cleaned up and the water pipe fixed. Now we have fans running to help dry the room out and the downstairs smells like a swamp! Just a small "flood" like that can really help you appreciate what so many people in Florida went through this fall.
-----Thanks to Ninja for being such an awesome - smart dog and for being persistent when I wouldn't pay attention!
-----Till Next Time!
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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