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Adventures on the Ranch
Kira - Saved us from a Mountian Lion Encounter....or worse
-----Every summer we climb the mountain behind our house and pick Raspberries. They are wild Montana raspberries and the best you will every find! So we go pick some just for the fun of it. Several years ago I was up on the hill picking berries with some friends. Kira was of course with me - she goes everywhere I go, and she minds her business and doesn't bother me. When picking berries she will usually find a shady place close by. This day she was doing her thing and all of a sudden came up to me and whined, I said go on go lay down, she didn't at first - she just stood there looking at me. So I said again - go lay down. She walked a few steps away and came back and whined and pushed into me, I said "What's the matter" (as if I could expect an answer!), she insistently whined and kept pushing into me. I KNEW something was wrong - she has never ever done this, I got pretty scared actually and told everyone we had to go back to the house now. There was no arguing! Kira always walks ahead of me, always. But this day she stayed 10-20 feet behind everyone and would stop ever so often and look about SCARY! I wanted to grow wings and fly home! There are bears and mountain lions up here -- and Kira definitely said there was something behind us and she didn't like it at all. She stayed behind us and continued to stop and look back ever so often till we got back home.
-----The next day my dad and I rode horses up the hill to take a look around - and sure enough there were Mountain Lion prints on the trail there. Kira knew. She probably saved our lives!
-----Till Next Week,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds !
The following is last week story - about Kira. ---
-----Kira --- where do I start to tell you about Kira. There is so much to say, she is truly one of those very special "dogs" (don't tell her I said dog). Kira is very intelligent and always helping out around the ranch. She is our foundation female - she is the mother, grandmother or great grandmother to almost all of our breeding females though she has been retired from having pups for many years now. She is 12 years old but still keeps very busy and active. She is in excellent physical condition and climbs up and down hills every day with me, and during the summer she goes along on long trail rides. One day this summer I was riding Chip out in one of our meadows and Kira was along with me, all of a sudden a coyote pops up from behind the trees and trots across the field right in front of us! It's a "residential coyote" - it lives around here. We hardly ever see it but every winter we see it's tracks going up and down the road. Anyway, I got really worried when it ran in front of us and told Kira to stay - because coyotes will coax a dog off and kill them. Luckily Kira is very smart and stayed right next to Chip and the coyote just left.
----Kira loves to carry things - she has always had stuffed animals that are hers, and gets very excited whenever she gets a new one. But she is also very helpful - there is a steep hill between the house and arena and we often forget to take something down with us. So we call up on the intercom that goes between the house and arena and tell someone at the house what we need - then send Kira up to the house and she grabs whatever it is that us "forgetful humans" forgot and gleefully runs back down to the arena. She also carries tools for me, wood - like 2/2's when we are building something, and her latest thing is she likes to help unload the vehicle when we come home from town! So she helps carry the groceries in!
----She is very "protective" of anything that is mine. When Scarlett the Bobcat was growing up she would not let any other dogs close to Scarlett. She would get between her and the other dog and block their way. Kira still does it, though I don't think it is Scarlett that needs protection now! Kira thinks she is doing her job. She also will only let a few "select" dogs into my room unless I tell her it's ok. She has strong ideas of what is right and wrong - and whatever she thinks I want is right and will try her best to make sure all the other dogs stay in line!
----One of the funniest things about her is she has always hated vacuum cleaners, she has always barked at them whenever we get it out. For awhile she used to bark when we even opened the closet door where the vacuum is stored ! I don't know WHY she does this - it's just her thing I guess.
----Kira is so intelligent and also has a "6th sense". Last summer we had 3 yearlings (horses) in a pen behind the arena and close to the woods. It was a hot summer afternoon and I was in the house - downstairs. Kira came up to me and started whining, then she ran to the door and ran back to me, whined some more and ran back to the door. I figured she had to go to the bathroom so I pokily made my way to the door. Kira did not have to go to the bathroom. I opened the door and saw there was a bear lumbering around by the yearlings pen and they were freaking out. Before, I could even call anyone they had broken through several gates and were getting out of there -as soon as the bear saw us running down it took off of course - they are afraid of people. None of the horses got seriously hurt -- a few scratches here and there and lots of fence to fix...... but Kira knew and she told me - I imagine she was pretty upset with me for being so slow to go look!
----You will have to read next weeks adventure to hear about Kira saving us from a Mountain Lion……
----Till Next Week,
----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds
Almost had her trained to do my home work!
Baby sitting my persian kittens !
Kira holding my horse !
Looks like the bobcat kitten finally wore poor Kira out....
Note: Scarlett the bocat is in my left hand - Scarlett is only 5 weeks old here


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