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Adventures on the Ranch
Attack Deer!
---There are lots of deer around here, they are pretty tame and respectful but not fearful of the dogs. They walk right in front of the dog kennels completely oblivious of the dogs barking at them. But if a dog is loose they are more respectful and keep their distance. That is until this spring we had a most unusual and scary situation with an attack deer!
----Generally speaking the dogs don't think much about the deer, they are around so much the dogs think of them as if they were horses. One evening I was heading out behind our shop for a walk with 3 dogs. I was starting down the path - there is a long stretch, then the path curves around a tree and goes up a hill. The dogs were running like always, went around the curve and I called them. They immediately came back....... being chased by a DEER! At first they didn't know it, they were just running to me because I called them. All of a sudden one of the females - Gretta - was about 12 feet from me and she noticed the deer behind them. The other 2 dogs were already by me and I grabbed both of them not knowing what in the world was going on. Gretta turned around and was going to go back after the deer which was still running towards her. By now the deer is close enough to me to really see it - I have NEVER seen such an aggressive look on a deer's face, you could see pure aggression in its eyes. It really scared me, I thought maybe it had Rabies, something was seriously wrong with this deer to come after me and 3 dogs like that. I called Gretta several times and she did come back to me, I headed up to the front of the shop to tell Julie what had just happened because she had some dogs loose in front of the shop. Meanwhile the deer kept chasing after us to the front of the shop - where it then got spooked and slowly went back into the woods.
-----The next day a young female was out on an exercise line, the line is pretty close to the house, up on the hill behind the house. It was the middle of the afternoon and first the female on the line started to bark then all the dogs were barking in their very serious tone - not the bark of HEY GLAD TO SEE YOU -- more GET OFF MY LAND kind of bark. So I immediately went to see what was going on and as soon as I open the door, I see the poor dog on the line being attacked by the deer! Yes, attacked by a deer..... she was at the end of her line trapped and this deer kept coming at her rearing up and striking at her with its front feet. I yelled and ran towards the deer and it slowly took off into the woods. Luckily it never did actually strike her and we were both very shaken up but she wasn't hurt. But as the deer was taking off I saw it had a pretty big udder and probably a very young baby, she was probably a new and overly protective mom. Though most deer won't have their babies so close, she must be young and confused.
----We were just very careful with the dogs then, not letting them out of our site at all. We hoped that was the case and when the baby gained enough strength that she would move it out of the area.
Several days later I was walking out behind the shop (no dogs loose this time!) and saw her come out of the woods with the baby! It was tiny, very very tiny, must have only been several days old. (I knew it was the same doe because she has a big nick out of her ear, I don't know why she has that but my guess would be she got it frost bitten over the winter). I really enjoyed seeing mom and baby, and now there was no doubt why she was acting that way. I spotted her several more times, and then about a week later I was riding Chip in the outside arena when the mother doe walked by with the baby. Thankfully that must have been when she moved the baby out because I didn't see her up by the house any more after that!
----Till Next Week!
----Leah and everyone at Omega Shepherds
Photo Above - It's a little hard to see but that's 2 does & their fawns -- though the fawns are now getting pretty big!

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