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Adventures on the Ranch
-----WOW! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I have written anything for here! Time flies in the spring time! So much has been going on. We got our full set of agility equipment and training has been going great! Tess and Rhett are entered in our first AKC trial the end of April! Wish me luck!
----- We have had several litters of pups born, Zena is our Bi-Colored female and she had her first litter on March 31 with Uzi! Zena is a really neat dog - so much intensity and drive to work she is really fun to train. She is of course trained in tracking, obedience and protection but she is my mom's main trick dog, she does the usual stuff sit up, roll over, crawl, etc. BUT she is also a musician and plays the drums! guitar, keyboard and is learning to sing and play the guitar together!! I am actually being serious - she has a little "wrist band" that velcros to her paw and my mom sticks a drumstick in there and Zena actually hits the stick on the drums! Though her trick training had to go on hold while she was pregnant and now with her pups she is very intelligent.
-----She has her own toy box that is in a bone shape. She figured out on her own how to take the lid off pull all the toys out to get to her favorite toy - the monkey with rope arms. She would pull them out and leave them all over the floor so my mom decided she could learn to put them away and made her get every toy and put it back in.....pretty quick Zena decided that was to much work and carefully rooted around in the box until she found her monkey - then pulled him out - leaving the rest of the toys!!
-----We bought her when she was just a pup - her sire is Bastin - one of the top working dogs in the world who is often on the cover of Schutzhund USA and her mom is by another top working dog. The people we bought her from were going to the Schutzhund Nationals and so they said they could either ship her to us when she was 6 weeks old or else we would have to wait till they got back and she was 10 weeks old. We said put her on the plane. Even though she was just 6 weeks she came bounding - literally bounding out of the pet taxi and I don't think she has slowed down since! She has so much charisma and energy and joy for life that she is fun to be around.
-----I often take her when I go for long drives (horse shows, moving horses, etc.) and she will lay in the back seat pretty well unless their is food out. I made the mistake when she was younger of giving her bits of what I was she thinks that she gets something all the time! and just sits there and whines if I don't give her a bite. I haven't found anything she won't eat - lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, she loves donuts, bagels with cream cheese and of course hamburgers and french fries!
-----And now she is also a great mother of 6 puppies. Now that she has babies she is very calm - walks very carefully and is taking to mom duties very well. We are really excited about this litter and are going to keep 2 of the females and I am going to keep a male as well. Even though Zena is Bi-Colored - I think all the pups are black and reds like Uzi except 1 male might be bi-colored like Zena.
-----Well, I should bring this to a close because I have to go plow snow. We didn't have much snow this winter - only 1 or 2 storms but we have been getting dumped on this spring! Several weeks ago we had 3 feet of snow in 2 days - I had to plow the road 3 times in one day. That all melted off ! But we just got another foot last night and it's still coming down……ahhhhh spring time in Montana - such fun!
-----Till next time,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds
"Two" Proud Moms -------------------------------------------------------------------"Tickling Baby!"
Zena says "Thanks for all the help - babies are a BIG responsibility!

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