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Adventures on the Ranch
Hi Everyone !
----Sorry I have sort of disappeared with writing "Adventures" this past month or so. Spring is always such a busy time on the ranch that I don't usually get much extra time on the computer - I am hoping things will slow down a bit now - at least enough to start getting some "Adventures" up more regularly. So Thanks for you Patience and keep checking back! This page is still alive and well and will continue to be updated.
----Below is some of what I have been up to this last month......

Photos taken when he was about 8 hours old !
----Yep, the babies are arriving!! This is Lucy's baby - a cute black stud colt. This little guy is a full brother to the 3 year old I will be showing this summer - the mare I am showing this summer is showing outstanding promise of being a top Western Pleasure horse and so we are very excited about this new little guy.
----This spring we have 3 babies and there is nothing more fun than watching the new babies get acquainted with each other - they slowly walk towards each other - but then charge back to their mom before actually touching each other. After several attempts they will usually get close enough to sniff noses before charging back. But within the hour they are brave enough to play with each other and pretty soon they are playing "colt tag" and chasing each other in big circle around the pasture. It's also fun to see them learn how to roll, canter, change leads, do roll backs, stop before a fence (most fun when they really do stop!)....... it's just fun to watch them. Everything is new and they are so curious and happy! It is definitely one of the best times in their life.
----But in order to have all this fun with the colts, showing and just owning horses there is always the rest of the story - like that pile of manure that was mounting all winter from cleaning the stalls has to be removed! Yep, that's really me on the tractor in those pictures - moving the manure. Tractors are always dangerous but add a hill and mud like we have here in the spring and you have to be twice as careful! But it all went well and we got all the manure spread out in the fields and now the grass will really grow. After spreading the manure I graded the road. We have 2 miles of private drive that we have to keep in good shape - so we have to snow plow it in the winter to keep it open and grade it in the spring and early summer to keep it drivable. Its just part of living on a ranch.........
----We also bought a horse trailer with living quarters - but it is too big to get up our road - we knew it would be before we bought it though. So another big project this spring has been getting our 2 miles of dirt - mountain road widened enough so that we can hopefully get the trailer up here. There are several big switchbacks that are mostly solid rock - the road is still being worked on, but that will be the next "Omega Shepherd Adventure"!
----Till Next Time,
----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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