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Adventures on the Ranch
A Spring Update !
Hi Everyone!
-----It's been a pretty typical spring here except that we have been getting lots of rain!!! Which is much needed because Montana has been in such a serious drought. I don't know if the drought has broken yet - but we will take all the moisture we can get!
-----So we have been constantly working in between rainstorms to get all the spring work done. Yesterday we put out about 100 gallons of weed spray mix in the pastures. Luckily we were able to use a 4 wheeler with a sprayer on the back - so even though we had to spray by hand we didn't have to carry all that spray around! The dandelions and perly ever lasting have just been trying to take everything over - so now that we will get them under control the grass will be able to grow better.
----- Our residential ravens are busy as usual, I haven't seen the female around for a while so she must be sitting on her eggs. It won't be long and they will be teaching the babies to fly and calling to each other. It's always fun to watch them. They are not afraid of the dogs at all. The big male will bounce around in the grass right in front of Gunther !! And they LOVE dog food if they can manage to find some on the ground before the dogs do. They are terrible though because they follow our barn cat - Sabrina around. And as soon as she finds a mouse they bounce around on the ground around her until she runs away - leaving the mouse for them to eat!! Sabrina gets as much dry cat food as she wants - but still she is a born hunter. It's got to be hard on her ego to have her food stolen by a bird...... even if the bird is twice the weight of her! Hopefully after they have their babies they will move out to their own area again. They usually spend a lot of time around the house in the early spring - and then when their babies are older they move further away to their own "grounds".
-----I have also been doing LOTS of dog training! We are going in another agility trial this weekend and then the 3rd weekend in June we are going to a 4 day trial in Idaho!! It's a huge trial! So it will be lots of fun and hopefully the dogs will get some qualifying scores as well.
-----We are borrowing a friends 4 wheeler this week for the weed spraying, but I am also trying it out for exercising the dogs and it works great! It allows them to go for a good run- but I don't have to do so much walking/running WITH them. So it is really nice and after just a couple days - they see me start up the 4 wheeler and get all excited, ready to go! Of course I don't go to fast when they are loose so there is no danger to them, but they love it!
----- Well, I guess that's about all for now. Off to the arena to check a mare that is here for breeding and then.......WHO knows what the day will bring!
-----Till Next Time,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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