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Adventures on the Ranch
Tess and Gretta keeping a watchful eye
Chip and Sugar "all blanketed up" TRYING to stay clean for halter!
-------Last weekend I went to a horse show close to Bozeman - which is about 100 miles away. It was a cold rainy weekend but the show went very well - I showed Chip and Sugar, Sugar is my 3-year-old mare that has only had about 45 rides on her. This was her first "real" show under saddle and she did fabulous - winning halter and getting a 2nd and 3rd in the western pleasure classes which were huge - around 15 horses! Not a bad way to start her show career! Chip also did very well winning many of her classes!
-----I went to the show with Tess and Gretta - two of my personal dogs. They were very good! We went for walks in the evening and they slept loose in the trailer with me (my new 4 horse trailer with Living Quarters - the heat was MUCH appreciated as it was very cold outside!). I made the table into a bed and they both slept on there!
-----The first night I was there, some people next to me pulled up late - around 11:00. I was asleep but both dogs barked when they pulled up so I woke up and told them to be quiet and they were for a few minutes. But then the people were right outside my door making noise - talking and moving stuff around and both of the dogs just growled, every now and then letting out a low bark - warning STAY AWAY from our person! I told them quiet several times but they wouldn't be so I got out of bed - pretended to look out the window and told them it was OK. I crawled back into bed and after that they were both quiet for the rest of the night. They just wanted me to actually get out of bed and show them that I really was paying attention to the "problem at hand"!
-----Both of them are very friendly dogs and I would totally trust them - to see them meet people and hang out at the show you wouldn't think of them as protection dogs at all - but they just proved that if they are needed they are 100% protection. Which is the way our dogs are - but it's always fun to see them do it.
-----Back to the show, the second morning the alarm went off and being sort of lazy and tired I hit snooze (just once - give me a break!!). But Tess got very upset about me not getting right up after the alarm went off because I always do and she jumped up onto my bed - my bed is in the gooseneck part of the trailer so it's pretty high up. She started whining, I just laid there and didn't look at her or say anything to see what she would do. She whined for a bit then took her nose and pushed it under my hand and flipped my hand up. She did this several times and kept whining. It was so cute, I couldn't act asleep anymore. So I praised her and got up out of bed. I think because I didn't get up she was worried something was wrong!! They are so smart!
-----Here are some pictures from the show. They were taken EARLY in the morning so it was kind of dark but I was out feeding the horses and the dogs were keeping a watchful eye.
-----Till next time,
-----Leah and Everyone At Omega Shepherds


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