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Adventures on the Ranch
Ulk von der Nixenschlucht

-----One thing I am very proud about in our breeding program is that all of our studs are sons of World Siegers - which is the top dog in the world. They have to be tops in conformation but they also have to be a Schutzhund III so they are tops in tracking, obedience and protection. It is quite an honor to be a world sieger. Even though all of our studs are sons of world siegers we are still very, very selective in the individual himself - he has to prove to us that he is the kind of dog we want in our breeding program - and we are very picky. We have had sons of world siegers that didn't fit what we wanted and so we didn't use them - we have even had a couple sons of DOUBLE world siegers that didn't meet our criteria.
-----That said - I am proud to introduce to you our new stud dog!! He is a son of the 2003 world sieger, VA- Bax von der Luisenstrasse SchH III.
----"Ulk" is turning out to be an exceptional individual in all respects. He has a real sense of self and a lot of charisma. A couple days ago I was watching Wildest Police Videos on tv, and on this one high speed chase the 2nd partrol car was a K-9 unit, during the chase the dog whined the whole time and Ulk was glued to the tv watching him. All of a sudden the chase was over and they pulled the guy out of the truck and the police dog was being held outside of truck ( I guess in case the guy got away), anyway he was barking and lunging and letting that guy know "He better not run!". As soon as the dog start barking at him Ulk got all excited and started barking and running from the tv to me, and back and forth! He wanted to get in on the action, as of yet Ulk hasn't had any protection training so that was pure instinct.
----This fall I plan to get him going in Schutzhund training - but he is going to be my personal protection dog as well so his training will go well beyond just Schutzhund.
---- Not only is he a very intelligent, willing dog he also has top conformation. If I were to show him I feel certain he would be tops in all his classes - he is an exceptional dog and we feel very fortunate to have such an outstanding "Bax" son and we really look forward to his pups in the near future. Crossed with our Uzi, Gunther and Ninja daughters those will be some really neat pups!
----Well, I should bring this to a close. He is everything I would look for in a dog - beautiful, charismatic, courageous, intelligent, a very willing worker, top disposition and size, and I am sure you will be hearing more about him in future.
---- Till next time,
----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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