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Adventures on the Ranch
Uzi !
----Uzi is a one of a kind dog - he is special and he knows it. And he's quick to let you know it too! He loves to greet people when they come over and show off his personality and good looks. He especially loves kids, one time a family came with 3 young kids. Their 2-year-old daughter was really afraid of dogs and Uzi sensed this. He is always very careful and good around kids but with this girl he immediately sensed her fear and became extra reassuring to her. He walked up to her and laid down by her - he laid with his back to her and she started to pat him. Pretty quick she sat down behind Uzi and just kept patting him while her parents and Julie and I kept visiting about the dogs. When it was time for them to go - she got up and gave Uzi and great big hug and Uzi gave her a big, wet, kiss back on the cheek. It was so sweet and so much fun to see this little girl who, when she first visited was very afraid of dogs leave so excited! Uzi did it again!
----Uzi also knows when to kick into protective gear - several summers ago I was out for a hike. I had Uzi with me, I was heading home and about 1 1/2 miles away. I was on a straight stretch of the trail but there was a curve up ahead about 200 yards. Uzi froze and gave a low growl, his hair up all the way down his back. Uh OH ! Something was around that was for sure - Uzi was looking ahead and stayed in front of me. Not that I really wanted to get ahead of him. We just both stood there for a little while - looking. It seemed like we stood there for hours because I thought maybe it was a bear and cub - a mountain lion - a person - who knows! But we really just waited a minute or two. Then this big black thing came around the corner and scared me - big time. I of course thought a bear because we have black bears around here! But it wasn' was a...cow! Yes a cow. A big black mamma cow. We don't have cattle and it was on our land but some big ranchers around here run cattle several months a year on the forest service land that surrounds us. This cow had gotten through the fence somehow and was wandering around on our land. Uzi just looked up at me like he was saying... a cow ?
----The cow trotted up into the pasture and I kept walking - as I rounded the corner I looked down a very steep hill and there were at least half a dozen cows down there all on our land. I went home and got some help and we headed out on horseback to herd the cattle back out the gate onto forest service.
---- Have you ever seen a cat chase a dog before? Well, upstairs we have a circular area that goes around the stairs to downstairs - the "circular wall" goes through the living room, TV room, kitchen and dinning room. When Scarlett, the Bobcat and Uzi are upstairs she chases him round and round, they have the best time! Then they need to unwind so they switch directions and Uzi chases her round and round. Finally they both tire out and then lay next to each other - often with Uzi resting his front feet on Scarlett. Uzi is great for Scarlett because he is absolutely fearless of her and LOVES her, and they are quite good buddies.
- Uzi is also an outstanding working dog and took High Score in Trial his first time out - with pronounced courage! Read Dog Trial and Horse Show in the same weekend (story below) to read more about that! ---
Well, I could go on and on about Uzi but I should bring this to a close for today.
----Till Next Time,
----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds

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