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Obedience, Agility, and Tracking Classes

Private Obedience Classes

You can take one or many private classes. This class is geared toward the needs of you and your dog. This class is open to dogs 4 months old an older. Times are very flexible for this class so we can fit anyones schedule!

Obedience - means the dog is listening to you! You don't have to be interested in competition to have years of benifit from an obedient dog. These classes will help you have a wonderful family pet - or go on and compete if you want to

Group Obedience Classes

This class is one hour a night for 6 weeks. An excellent class not only to teach obedience but also to teach your dog to pay attention under distractions. Open to dogs 4 months old and older.


Private Agility Classes

This is a very fun class - geared to you and your dogs own needs and interests. I compete in the top levels of both AKC and NADAC so I can help you with anything you need from getting your dog started, building drive and speed, getting accurcy, getting distance or working closer to you. I can help you two become a team! I don't currently offer group agility classes but if you and a friend want to take a class together that is excellent!

Private Tracking Classes

This is a very fun class - geared to you and your dogs own needs and interests. Most of my tracking experience is with Schutzhund as well as teaching your dog to find people (espeically kids). Tracking is a very fun - though very time comsuming. A well trained tracking dog is very rewarding!

All dogs much be current on all shots and proof must be provided before the first class.

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