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A one of a kind Training Manual with lots of Photos!


----This is a book designed to be user friendly - with easy to understand and use methods - even for a total novice. It will help you develop your pups or dogs potential in a way that is fun for both you and your dog ! This book contains information such as puppy proofing your house, appropriate toys, house breaking, how to stop inappropriate behavior BEFORE it becomes a bad habit as well as how to train your dog in obedience.
----There is a 30 day obedience training course along with a section to keep a record of how your dog does each day. After you have completed the 30 day course and you can complete the pattern in the back of the book - you are eligible to send for your Certificate of Achievement!
----You don't need to be interested in actually competing with your dog to make obedience training very valuable. This book is geared towards training your dog to be a good family dog that is obedient and fun to be around. It will provide a foundation if you decide you do want to go on and compete later. There is a lot of value in a well trained obedient dog just for family use. Exercises are demonstrated with photos.


About the Author

-----Leah is the owner of one of the best German Shepherd kennels in the United States - Omega Shepherds, which has been in the family for over 25 years. She has grown up training dogs of different breeds, sizes, and dispositions. She trains dogs in tracking, obedience, protection and trick dogs for the movies, and has shown and titled many dogs, including winning best in shows and High Scores in Schutzhund Trials.
-----But what she really loves is training dogs and helping you train your dog to fit into your life, to be a working member of the family and not a problem child you have to put outside when company comes over. Her methods keep a dog highly motivated and help them love to work.

Quotes From Buyers

I read your book a couple times already! I really like the format! It puts things in perspective, spelling out day by day what to train and expect. Also, I like the technique. It's not a harsh choke/prong nor a ignore the bad your dog does and reward the good, methods.

The book is fun- the thing it helped me with the most was the attitude to have in training. Your approach builds obedience as well as confidence in the animal.

The new book is fun – everyone that gets a puppy should buy the book. It provides a basis for all other training. The book will get everyone off to a good start and probably make those great puppies you sell a lot happier with their owners!

Your book makes it all seem so easy and I am really enjoying it!

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