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A photo/video of our 2015 year. Includes puppies, adults, kids, goats, horses, chickens, even our sulcata tortoise and lots of photos of our place and our "lives". I hope you enjoy it - we had a very fun 2015 !
Xena LOVES water - especially the hose! Here Clint and Heather are trying to get the hose back - WITHOUT getting wet!
Xena gets her NADAC Elite Regular Title !
3 year old Heather training 5 month old Athena is agility !
Omar at 11 months old watching over our 2 week old Nigerian Dwarf goat babies
A hike on our mountain property in February. It was a beautiful spring day!
Quiz with her pups less than 24 hours old !
Here is a fun video of Clint and Heather with Artimus puppies - when they were about 6 weeks old!
This is a bunch of fun video clips from the summer and fall of 2013. 3 year old Heather and 5 year old Clint take the pups for a little splash in their kiddie pools ! How many German Shepherds can you count in their pool after their morning run ? Feeding Saxon. Feeding the Horses. Doing agility. Fall sled training with the 4 wheeler and so much more! Well worth your time !
Here is a video of Clint and Heather running Zeus and Shelby in agility at an assisted living home where we put on a little performance for them and then all the ladies got to meet Zeus and Shelby. What a great time and very fun afternoon - we look forward to our next visit!
At just 18 months old Xena gets all 3 AKC Novice Titles in ONE weekend at just her 3rd trial!! Congratulations Xena !
Gunner at 5 months with "His Kids" Clint and Heather
Gretchen with her New Born Babies and Clint and Heather
Yello male at about 12 weeks old with Heather!
Lucy doing obedience at 15 weeks !
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Omega Shepherds picture video !
Watch lots of fun pictures of adults and puppies while listening to great music!
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Dog Sledding in December and January
Great scenery from Montana- all by dog sled!
Dax's First Agility Trial
and later on his first NADAC Agility Q in Novice Regular !
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Dog Sledding !
Getting out on a nice February 2012 day with Dax and Sara in the lead with Zeus and Lana bringing up the rear.
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Clint at just a little over 3 years old running Zeus in Clints first agility trial !
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Dax - Bree Male playing with 19 month old Heather and 3 year old Clint!
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Dax - Artimus puppies at 7 1/2 weeks old playing with 3 year old Clint and 19 month old Heather !
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With a perfect weekend in Great Falls, a 100% Q rate - Rhett gets his Master Jumers Title! AND makes the Great Falls Tribune Headlines!
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Duke doing tricks & obedience at 16 weeks!
Duke is an outstanding Luke - Kirra male, here he is at just 16 weeks being trained by Leah and Clint (2 year old) and Heather in the back pack !
All German Shepherd Sled Dog Team!
Here we are just getting the dogs and kids out for a little fun on a warm afternoon. Zeus and Zena are in lead and Kira and Bree are following up.
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Omega Shepherds Life Guard on Duty!
Artimus "watching" over 2 year old Clint in the pool.
Video of Rhett at the
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Video of Rhett and Zeus at the Missoula Agility Trial. Fun footage of them finishing some titles and some great runs !
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Luke and Reba Pups Born March 2. Video of Reba and her pups as they were born!
Reba and her pups
Click here to see a video from the agility Trial in Bozeman
NADAC Trial December 2-3
It was an awesome weekend with Rhett qualifing in 8 out of 10 classes and Zeus qualifiing in 7 out of 10 classes! It was only our second NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) trial, and even though they are competeing in the top levels in AKC they had to start over in Novice in the new association. Both dogs won their Novice titles this weekend as well.
The only thing the video doesn't show is how cold it was - both nights getting close to 0F. Luckily the arena was heated - but we still had to spend plenty of time outside.
Enjoy the video.
Check back often for new videos of agility, dog sledding, the ranch, puppies and more!
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