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Adventures on the Ranch
Stetson at 8 weeks with his buddy Gunther! Here Stetson weighed only 2 pounds!
-----Spring is definitely coming ! This morning I saw about 20 geese fly over and there is even a little green grass popping it's head out.
-----I set all my agility equipment up again in the arena – it is still to icy/muddy outside to run them outside. I am gearing up for a busy BUSY spring and summer of agility trials. Both Rhett and Zeus are working so well I am really looking forward to it. The trial schedule looks like it is pretty much every other weekend over the spring and summer ( a few weekends are even back to back with 2 and 3 day trials) so that will keep us very busy ! But it will be fun as well.
-----Last fall I added a new addition the family – a little Papillion puppy. Stetson is now almost 5 months old and he thinks he is quite the “dog trainer”. He loves all the “big” dogs but he favorite 2 are definitely Gunther and Rhett. He doesn't seem to realize that he weighs 7 pounds and Gunther weighs over 16 times more than him! He jumps all over Gunther and his latest thing is latching onto Gunthers tail and hanging on while Gunther drags him around!! Gunther has the patience of a saint and just looks at Julie as if to say “WHAT did I DO to deserve this!”. But in reality Gunther loves Stetson and is quite protective over him.
-----One time when I was sick – I got up late and walked into the living room and Stetson had taken ALL his toys and piled them right in front of my chair where I sit every morning and drink coffee. He knew I didn't feel good and was trying to cheer me up with his toys!!
-----Stetson gets along great with the pups as well, he loves playing with them and teaching them the “house rules”. Such as “See I can jump on the couch and YOU can't”. “See I can use Wee Wee pads in the house but YOU have to go outside!” “Oh yeah – and when mom is eating dinner – I get first dibs on the hamburger and fries and YOU can clean up the crumbs. And then after I eat and take a nap in BED – then and only then - we can play with MY toys. “
-----HUM......... kind of sounds like Stetson has the whole “little dog” attitude! But the good news is – once pups learn to tolerate him they will think any other dog is a saint!
-----Over the winter I was also busy busy learning to make videos on the computer. So be sure to check out the new video of Reba and her pups being born! You can click here to see it. Omega Shepherd Videos
-----Well, I am off to train dogs, bathe a couple pups and go for my 4 mile walk/run with the dogs.
----- Be sure to enjoy spring. It's a beautiful day out there – close to 50 degrees and sunny!
-----Till Next Time,
-----Leah and Everyone at Omega Shepherds
Stetson playing in the Christmas presents !
Finally growing up a little! Here he is at 4 months with his ears up like a "big" dog and weighing about 6 pounds. He will get really long hair but it takes a couple years for his full coat to come in.

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