Our Little Papillions

Stetson is an amazing little dog - but don't tell him he is little ! At about 9 pounds he thinks he is the ruler of the shepherds! He has been an amazing additon to our family and quite the agility dog. He got his NATACH and V NATCH at only 3 years old as well as making the NADAC national finals at just 3 years old ! When he turned 4 he was second place at the NADAC Nationals. His 5 year old year was amazing year for him, starting out the year he competed at the AKC National Agility Championships - which was his first time and mine at AKC Nationals - a different world with 4 rings all running at the same time! Over 750 dogs qualified and entered this prestigious event - with 270 being in Stetsons 12 inch class!!! He placed 22 over all making the high score borad and was the higest scoring 12 inch papillion!! That summer he got his NATCH and V NATCH 2. Then in the fall of his 5 year old year - went went to NADAC Nationals this time with him winning his class!! Then his 6 year old year he got his first AKC MACH (Master Agility Championship). As if that isn't enough on his record - he is now running for my 5 year old son. At there very first trial Stetson and 5 year old Clint had a qualified run with many more to follow! He is an amazing little dog.


Stetson with his trophy for winning the NADAC Nationals!


MACH award - with my 2 best trial "helpers"



Stetson got his NATCH at only 3 years old.


Shelby is a little Papillion female - only about 4 pounds she rules them all - yes even Stetson! She used to be Grandma's little dog - until Heather came along - now she is Heathers girl and Heather competes with her in agility - Heather had just turned 3 years old when she ran in her first trial with Shelby and they did just awesome! Running like a pro :)


Photos of Shelby coming soon !



Feel Free to call Juile or Leah for more information at (406)443-0477


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