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Adventures on the Ranch
...........................................................Hi Everyone ! Welcome to Omega Shepherds Adventures!
-----Located in the beautiful Helena, Montana valley with grassy fields and trees with lots of room for the dogs to run and play and the horses to graze. Our property adjoins state land so we have access to even more land for dog sledding, atv rides with the dogs, trail rides, hikes and more! We raise German Shepherds - but everyone of our dogs and pups are like family to us, we pride ourselves on how our dogs are raised and treated. They are not kennel dogs -- in fact we actually live in a giant dog house because there are always more dogs in than people ! We also have Quarter Horses & Papillon dogs (really little dogs!). We moved not to long along from our beautiful ranch that was completely surrounded by forest service with many wild animals around including bear, mountian lions, moose, elk, deer, wolves and coyotes. The old adventures on this page are from up there and provide some good entertaining reading!
.......I try to update this page when I can - but now that we are "out of the mountains" and have "real" internet connection I can make videos - so..... in addition to reading these adventures which give you an idea of "our life" be sure to check out my new "On Line Video Page".
----As you can imagine we have many unbeliveable experiences! -So be sure to book mark this page and check back often !
Links below to adventures
Fire Evacuation!
Fire photo credit - Eliza Wiley @ Independent Record
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Photo coming Soon! .........We Moved!
Fun Stuff from 2010
Omega Shepherds is proud to announce the
arrival of Heather Marie Johnson
Clint is 8 weeks old !
Omega Shepherds is proud to announce the
arrival of Clint Wayne Johnson !
NADAC Championships with videos !
Antelope Hunting and Papillon Females !
Agility Nationals Here We Come !
Gunther and Stetson
Video of NADAC Trial December 2-3
Sleepy Doo and Gunther!
Nature at it's best!
Photo coming soon ! ---New Kennel Facility and a Busy Spring !
Mr TD Kid
Photo coming soon ! 3-D Bow Shoot !
My First Buck - a 5 point!!
4 wheelin adventures!
Happy Holidays
Hunting Season and My First Deer Ever!
Kira - celebrates her 14th Birthday!

Gates of the Mountains
Rhett gets BOTH Novice Agility Titles
& his Open Standard Title !
Photo coming ! ----- Mother Mooooooosse!
Photo coming ! ---A Spring Update !
What a Weekend!
Our First Agility - Schooling Trial!
A loving dad, real cowboy and a true friend
~You Will Be Forever Missed ~
Happy Holidays
My All Girl Band !
Ninja saves the day and major damage from a flood!
Puppies Hike and September Snow !
Ulk von der Nixenschlucht
Whelping - when it doesn't go ok
What A Spring!
Tess and Gretta "Helping" me out at a horse show !
Buying a 35 foot trailer that wouldn't fit up our road!
Spring time on the ranch
Trick Contest Winner!
Uzi's a one of a kind dog !
My New Book !
- Kira - --------------
Saved us from a Mountian Lion Encounter....or worse
Living with a 40-pound cat in the House!
Attack Deer ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dog Trial and Horse Show -- IN THE SAME WEEKEND !
Beautiful Fall and BEARS !! -----------------------------------
Dog Sledding in Hunting Season-=----------------------------



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